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One80 Intermediaries Acquires 1.800MD and Imhealthytoday
Sica | Fletcher advises 1.800MD and Imhealthytoday in its sale to One80 Intermediaries

1.800MD and Imhealthytoday.png

Overview of Transaction


  • Founded in 2009, 1.800MD provides specialized telemedicine
    services for individuals, families, employers, and groups through a comprehensive
    platform. Its platform extends beyond traditional telemedicine services to include
    functionality for a variety of non-acute healthcare services such as virtual
    dermatology, lab testing, prescription savings, and behavioral health.

  • Also included in the transaction is Imhealthytoday (IHT), a virus intelligence platform
    created in 2020 to address COVID‐19 health and safety issues facing large
    employers and schools. IHT allows clients to deploy state‐of‐the‐art virus intelligence
    tracking services to help manage on‐site permissibility to safeguard against
    infectious diseases. IHT offers the only doctor‐created, data‐driven, end‐to‐end
    solution on the market.

  • The Companies agreed to partner with Risk Strategies’ rapidly-growing wholesale
    division, One80 Intermediaries (“One80”). Risk Strategies is a top 20 National
    Insurance Broker headquartered in Boston, MA.


Significance of Transaction

  • The acquisition of the Company will allow One80 to expand its overall suite of
    products and services. The transaction will provide the entire organization an
    expansive toolset that will round out the overall capabilities of RSC in its effort to
    become a “one-stop-shop” for its clients.

  • The transaction will provide 1.800MD with countless cross-selling opportunities. The
    platform can be rolled out across the existing RSC client-base, potentially providing
    significant growth from Day 1.


Sica | Fletcher's Role

  • Sica | Fletcher was hired to serve as exclusive strategic and financial advisor to
    1.800MD and IHT and explored multiple options for the firm before the Company
    decided to partner with One80.

  • The transaction builds on Sica | Fletcher's track record of success with complex
    transactions and key relationships with the most prolific acquirers in the space. While
    the transaction falls outside of the traditional agency/brokerage vertical, the
    successful outcome highlights Sica | Fletcher’s agile strategic approach and refined
    execution expertise.

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