Laying The Path Toward Each Unique Goal

When working with insurance brokerage leaders, we need to gain a clear understanding of their personal and professional history to assist in charting their path toward their ultimate goals. Our approach is a holistic one. We apply our financial engineering analytics, operations know-how, and extensive knowledge of the insurance M&A marketplace to develop a strategy for our client partners that will enhance shareholder value, as well as career satisfaction (having the most valuable agency on the planet but being 100% miserable is not a highly recommended strategy).

Insurance M&A Services

Deals we close for our Insurance Agency clients average a 30% higher sale price for sellers.

In almost any given market across the country there are at least ten institutional buyers for every seller. This means that the probability that you are dealing with the perfect buyer for your firm is only 10%. Now, the buyer is a corporate powerhouse with a track record of acquiring hundreds of agencies and they know you are only talking to them, what's the probability you ever get their best deal? Let’s also call that 10% (which is probably too high). So what is the probability you are getting the best deal for your firm? 1%! This is a case where it is not good to be a One Percenter. We understand that our clients are salesmen and brokers who are certainly qualified to make sales. However, selling an agency is a complicated process that needs to be handled by experienced parties. You spend your whole career building a great and valuable firm and in one fell swoop reduce your net worth by 30% because you thought you could do it on your own.

Sell-Side Insurance Advisory

Buy-Side Insurance Advisory

We build brokerages into powerhouses, but above all, help each client reach their optimal situation.

Are you looking for that extra push that can grow your brokerage into a powerhouse? We work with our clients to form a viable investment / acquisition strategy and then we execute on it. Our financial engineering analysts perform a thorough review of your company and growth goals. Then, our team of dedicated corporate development professionals scour the market for deals that fit our clients’ criteria based on the analytical strategy created by Sica | Fletcher. Once sourced, we negotiate the deal on behalf of our client, providing financial modeling and analysis, valuation guidance and support, due diligence and ultimately driving to a successful close. If you are looking for that extra push that can grow your brokerage into a powerhouse, we will find you opportunities.

Strategic Advisory

Our mission is first and foremost to raise the valuation of our clients' agencies.

We start with a baseline valuation of the agency. Then everything we do or plan on revolves around moving that valuation from the lower left corner of the chart to the upper right corner. We live by the principle that using value as a measuring stick, brings discipline to all strategic decisions. When the goal is to increase the value of the agency everything else falls into place. For some of our clients the goal is to protect and maintain that value at all costs. For others it's about generating meaningful risk adjusted returns on their largest asset, their agency, or transferring ownership from one generation to the next without skipping a beat.

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