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The Hilb Group Acquires King & Cushman, Inc.
Sica | Fletcher advises King & Cushman, Inc. in its sale to The Hilb Group

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Overview of Transaction


  • Originally founded in 1926, King & Cushman is a retail insurance generalist located
    in Northampton, Massachusetts.

  • King & Cushman is focused on personal lines and commercial lines of coverage for
    individuals and small businesses throughout Massachusetts and the surrounding

  • King & Cushman has joined forces with The Hilb Group (Hilb), one of the fastest-growing
    top 100 Independent Property/Casualty Agencies.


Significance of Transaction

  • The acquisition of King & Cushman will allow Hilb to bolster its P&C practice,
    teaming with a strong partner who has developed solid relationships with their local
    client base.

  • The transaction will provide the King & Cushman team with an expansive suite of
    corporate resources and support. It will also provide King & Cushman with access to
    Hilb’s national partner network, which will offer the team numerous benefits and
    cross-selling opportunities.


Sica | Fletcher's Role

  • Sica | Fletcher was hired to serve as exclusive strategic and financial advisor to King
    & Cushman and explored multiple options for the firm before partnering with Hilb.

  • This transaction further elucidates Sica | Fletcher’s unparalleled relationships with
    private equity firms and the brokerages they support.

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