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How To Sell Your Insurance Agency

With Sica | Fletcher

Sica|Fletcher has advised more than 400 agencies just like yours on how to sell your insurance agency, consistently ranking #1 on the S&P Global’s leaderboard of insurance M&A financial advisors. As the first and only boutique advisory firm to manage deals of $1B, we help businesses of every size earn the highest possible payouts.

Is Your Agency Sellable?

Let us tell you something no one else will: about 50% of insurance agencies that go to market are not in a position to sell. This reality, however, doesn’t stop many M&A advisory firms from taking their retainer fees regardless. 

Here at Sica | Fletcher, you can expect a transparent process with trusted partners. Here is just a sample of what we provide your agency during the deal process.


Our valuation team at Sica | Fletcher handles the heavy lifting associated with your agency's valuation. We will determine your EBITDA based on information from several key indicators:

  • The documentation you provide us

  • The current insurance M&A market

  • Carrier relations

  • Agency/agency cash flow


In addition, we provide clients with live market data from other deals we advise on to provide you with essential context regarding your agency's valuation (See example at right).




The majority of M&A processes are run through an auction-esque process, which industry professionals describe as the “marketing phase.” Having an M&A advisor like Sica | Fletcher on your team means having an experienced partner with you to:

  • Underwrite your deal (as opposed to just listing it)

  • Build the best possible pitch deck for your agency 

  • Evaluate offers to determine the best offer

Due Diligence & Closing

Sica | Fletcher’s advisory services continue through final negotiations following the buyer’s due diligence. This provides clients with: 

  • Additional insights into the final offer

  • Experience at the negotiating table

  • Increased M&A infrastructure so the deal process runs more smoothly once both parties have signed


The Sica | Fletcher Difference

At any other M&A advisory firm, you will likely work with junior-level advisors who may not have a great wealth of personal experience, no matter the firm's reputation. At Sica | Fletcher, however, our founders - Mike Fletcher and Al Sica - touch on every deal we oversee, ensuring that you get expert-level advisory services to ensure the highest possible payout.

Your M&A Team

Running a deal process is a complicated operation that requires intense amounts of time, effort, and skill to secure the best possible earnout, but Sica | Fletcher streamlines that process by assigning the right professionals in your team. The three most important professionals your team employs should include at least one of each:

Tax Specialist

The individual who helps calculate the kind of payout you need to achieve your goals post-closing. 

M&A Advisor

The person in charge of managing the deal process, from valuation to negotiation. We advise clients on how best to value and market their agencies and evaluate client offers.

M&A Attorney

The person who reviews all the details of client offers, advising on what is and is not negotiable to achieve a higher payout.

Some insurance agencies may require additional team members (e.g., estate planners, exit planners, financial advisors), depending on the size and makeup of the agency. Sica | Fletcher works directly with clients to determine what your team requires and can refer you to the best in the business, assuming we don't already have them in-house.

You Really Need An Advisor

Since our founding in 2014, Sica | Fletcher has advised on over 400 deals – and monitored thousands more. What we have found from looking at all those deals is that sellers who worked with an advisor saw payouts that averaged about 30% higher.

EBITDA Multiples For Insurance Agencies; Advisor-Led vs. No Advisor


Our SF Index provides agency owners with a wealth of data to help you make informed decisions about how to sell your insurance agency.


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Still Wondering How To Sell Your Insurance Agency?

Sica | Fletcher knows how to sell your insurance agency. As a “market-maker” advisory firm, we advise such a large number of agency owners on selling their businesses that our deals actually play a large role in shaping insurance M&A deals across the board. 

When you are ready to discuss selling your agency, you can reach us at the link or contact information below.

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