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How Sica | Fletcher maximized value for Caton Hosey Insurance in its sale to Brown & Brown Insurance

Caton Hosey, a full-service retail insurance agency headquartered in Port Orange, Florida, was ready to partner with a larger agency with resources to grow the business. The team knew they needed the support of a sell-side advisor to ensure the best possible agency fit and to protect Caton Hosey's people, culture, and future.

As Caton Hosey's exclusive financial advisor, Sica | Fletcher guided the team through every step of a competitive sale process, ultimately selling to Brown & Brown Insurance

"Sica Fletcher was the right choice for us because they just checked all the boxes. They did an excellent job. We were blown away basically every step of the way."
- Rex Caton, CEO
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About Sica | Fletcher

Sica | Fletcher is the leading Insurance M&A Advisor. Our knowledge of the insurance M&A market, depth of insurance industry expertise, and expansive network supports our singular focus - maximizing the value of our clients' firms.

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