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Sica | Fletcher COVID-19 Resources

Sica | Fletcher regularly publishes thought-leadership and research pieces highlighting COVID-19-related insurance industry M&A trends, insight into the current marketplace, and business advice from Sica | Fletcher's #1 ranked Managing Partners.

The Sky Definitely Is Not Falling…At Least Not Yet


Even in the midst of a global recession due to COVID-19, PE investment in insurance brokerage remains unabated. The question is, “Why?”. Our research indicates the answer relates to private equity, the availability of capital to fund acquisitions, and the need to deploy this capital.

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Where Do We Stand Now as Things Start to Open Up?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the insurance and brokerage M&A pipeline has remained stable. While the future remains uncertain, learn how the economic climate has impacted buyer interest, due diligence, and valuation multiples to-date.

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COVID-19 and Credit: Debt Market Volatility and Insurance Brokerage M&A

Many people are aware of the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on investment and retirement portfolios. What is generally less understood is the impact of the pandemic on the debt markets and why the changes in these markets could potentially have significant implications for insurance brokerage M&A. 

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Helicopter Money – How It May Save the Insurance Brokerage Business (and the Rest of the Economy)

Many clients have asked us our views about how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the insurance brokerage industry broadly and the M&A and strategic market for brokers in particular. As much as we would like, we don’t have a crystal ball and, of course, the answer to a great extent is “it depends.” However, we believe at least part of that answer revolves around “Helicopter Money.” 

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COVID-19 and the Insurance Brokerage M&A Market


The past several weeks have been difficult for us all as we adapt to the changing reality of COVID-19 and its impact on our families, communities, and businesses. While the overall impact of this pandemic on insurance brokerage M&A is still to be written, we have drawn some initial observations to help guide our clients through this uncertain time. 

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