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Multiples Can Revolutionize a Sale

In the insurance marketplace, brokers are unknowingly selling companies at a market discount and leaving significant capital on the table. Going into the sale, they'll focus on the multiple, when the real value comes from maximizing their EBITDA. Explore how understanding the power of the EBITDA during a sale can unlock increased value during an insurance agency valuation. Click below to download the infographic.

Drive Value with Sica | Fletcher

By rejecting the model of relying on a single-buyer-dictated EBITDA and focusing on maximizing an agency’s EBITDA before a sale, Sica | Fletcher generates an average of 30% higher valuations for clients.


Positioning an agency with an adjusted EBITDA is one of the many ways that Sica | Fletcher is using industry experience and marketplace insight to increase value for clients, and a major reason why we've been ranked as the #1 advisor since 2014.

Click to Download: A Multiple of What?

Your guide to understanding the power of EBITDA multiples.

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