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2023 Year in Review: Insurance Brokerage M&A Update


Since the dramatic uptick in interest rates last year, a number of articles appeared in the press arguing that the insurance brokerage M&A market would slow due to higher interest rates. This prediction that the market would slow was simply incorrect.

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How High Interest Rates Will Impact Insurance Brokerage M&A in 2023


Over the past several months, nearly every client and potential client of ours has asked about the impact of dramatically higher interest rates on insurance brokerage M&A. While there will be an impact, the sky isn't falling as dramatically as some would come to think. Learn more about the impact interest rates will have on insurance brokerage M&A in our white paper. 

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Is Your RIA Ready to Sell to a PE-Backed Insurance Broker?


One of the most common responses we hear from wealth managers about the boom in insurance broker interest in the RIA space is — “Really? Someone is interested in buying my business?” The answer is a resounding “Yes.” Read our white paper to learn how insurance brokers have become the most aggressive buyers for RIAs and wealth managers, and how you can capitalize on the growing interest. 

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Why Relying Solely on "Industry Standard" EBITDA Multiples Can Cost You When Selling


While the EBITDA multiple is important, so is the EBITDA itself. Don't rely on the "industry standard" EBITDA multiples to dictate the value of an agency. Instead, focusing on the multiple of what can actually be more critical than the multiple itself. Read our white paper to learn how to increase your odds of a successful transaction.

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2021 - A Retrospective on Insurance Brokerage M&A and What We Anticipate in 2022


With 2021 behind us, we look back at an interesting year full of insurance brokerage M&A activity — from high transaction volume, to updates on Capital Gains Taxes, to notably high transaction multiples — the year ended with a flurry of year-end deals. Read our white paper for an analysis on 2021 and what to expect for 2022.

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The Perfect Storm: Why Many Agency Owners Are Deciding That 2021 Is The Time To Sell


There is a confluence of circumstances influencing agency owners to seriously consider the sale of their business this year, including potential increases in capital gains tax rates, remarkable acquisition demand by buyers, readily available investment capital and peak transaction multiples. Read our white paper to learn why we anticipate a wave of transactions prior to year’s end.

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Video - #1 Mistake Agency Owners Make When Selling


Did you know agency owners often sell their business for a sizable discount to its true value, unbeknownst to them? In this video, Sica | Fletcher Partner, Mike Fletcher, discusses the top mistake agency owners make when selling their business: settling for a one-off deal.

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Don't Be a Serial Dater When Selling Your Agency 

A common mistake insurance agency and broker principals make when selling their agencies is negotiating with one buyer at a time. Following this process allows buyers to propose deals that significantly under-value the seller's business and put the agency at risk of partnering with the wrong acquirer. Learn more about common missteps sellers take and our solutions to running a proper transaction process.

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A Primer on Private Equity's Impact on Insurance Brokerage M&A

Private equity has radically transformed the insurance brokerage sector over the past decade. Learn more about private equity's influence on  the industry and the opportunities M&A transactions offer for agency expansion and repositioning.


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Interest Rates and Their Impact on Agency Valuations


With private equity firms pushing agency valuations to all-time highs and interest rates doubling over the past year, the question isn't if these factors will impact the insurance M&A space, but when. Check out our white paper for background on how low interest rates have shaped the marketplace as we know it, and what to expect as they rise.


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A Multiple of What?


In the insurance marketplace, brokers are unknowingly selling companies at a market discount and leaving significant capital on the table. Explore how understanding the power of the EBITDA during a sale can unlock increased value during an insurance agency valuation. Click below to download the infographic.


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