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Video - #1 Mistake Agency Owners Make When Selling


Did you know agency owners often sell their business for a sizable discount to its true value, unbeknownst to them? In this video, Sica | Fletcher Partner, Mike Fletcher, discusses the top mistake agency owners make when selling their business: settling for a one-off deal.

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Don't Be a Serial Dater When Selling Your Agency 

A common mistake insurance agency and broker principals make when selling their agencies is negotiating with one buyer at a time. Following this process allows buyers to propose deals that significantly under-value the seller's business and put the agency at risk of partnering with the wrong acquirer. Learn more about common missteps sellers take and our solutions to running a proper transaction process.

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A Primer on Private Equity's Impact on Insurance Brokerage M&A

Private equity has radically transformed the insurance brokerage sector over the past decade. Learn more about private equity's influence on  the industry and the opportunities M&A transactions offer for agency expansion and repositioning.


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Interest Rates and Their Impact on Agency Valuations


With private equity firms pushing agency valuations to all-time highs and interest rates doubling over the past year, the question isn't if these factors will impact the insurance M&A space, but when. Check out our white paper for background on how low interest rates have shaped the marketplace as we know it, and what to expect as they rise.


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A Multiple of What?


In the insurance marketplace, brokers are unknowingly selling companies at a market discount and leaving significant capital on the table. Explore how understanding the power of the EBITDA during a sale can unlock increased value during an insurance agency valuation. Click below to download the infographic.


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#1 Mistake Agency Owners Make When Selling Their Business

Click below to access our newest video where Sica | Fletcher Partner, Mike Fletcher, lays out the top mistake for CEOs to avoid.

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